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A chef's tasting menu concept by
Ryan & Kelleanne Jones










"If one restaurant group has an ambitious eye on a Michelin-nod, it's the team behind this breakout tasting menu concept, Honeysuckle Rose."

- Forbes 

Pouring champagne

Far beyond a dining experience, Honeysuckle Rose offers an evening of respite. An opportunity to sit down with beautiful people and enjoy the one thing with the power to connect us all…great food.

The Signature Experience:

- Eight-course tasting menu

​- Three-hour dining experience

- Wine or 'zero-beve' mocktail pairings​

- Interactive engagement with the chef and team

- $250 per person

The Petit Experience:

- Five-course tasting menu

- Two-hour dining experience

- Wine or 'zero-beve' mocktail pairings​​

- Interactive engagement with the chef and team

- $150 per person


A culinary adventure for
the modern epicurean


What to Expect:

Participants should prepare for an interactive evening led by our team of seasoned culinary experts.


When making a reservation, you will be asked a series of questions to help us tailor the experience to your preferences. Please inform us of any dietary needs or special celebrations to ensure a personalized and memorable evening.

Upon arrival, you’ll be warmly welcomed by our service staff, including members of the executive team at Free Reign Restaurants. Once settled in, we will guide you through a carefully curated tasting menu, paired with exquisite, hand-selected wines from around the world. For guests who prefer an alcohol-free experience, we offer “zero beve” mocktails, thoughtfully crafted to perfectly complement each course.

*All tickets include food and drink for the evening, ensuring no surprise bill at the end of the night. Please note, our staff politely declines gratuity.

237 Fishburne Street
Charleston, SC 29403

Signature Experience


Petit Experience

Highly skilled chefs in the kitchen

This was the best tasting menu experience I've ever had. I can honestly say I enjoyed it more than the Michelin 2-star restaurant we tried in Spain, or the last one we did recently in New Zealand. The atmosphere was classy but laid back, with great music playing all night to keep the mood light.

The introductions of the dishes by the staff were informative but also had some casual editorial bits thrown in there to match the vibe of the place. We absolutely loved it.

As for the food... WOW. Just wow. So many flavors playing off each other and pairing perfectly with the wine they chose for each of the 8 courses. My wife chose the mocktail option instead of wine, and her drinks were each complex and creatively paired as well.

I would give them 10 stars if I could. If you're anywhere near Charleston, don't miss your chance to eat here.


- Brian (Google)

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