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The Onyx Experience is an opportunity for an unparalleled, immersive culinary experience! Prior to dinner, the guests will join our culinary team in the kitchen at Honeysuckle Rose to guest stage for a half day. For 3 hours, they will help prepare that evening’s meal alongside award-winning Chefs Ryan Jones and/or Tito Marino. Depending on the menu for that evening, this could include anything from learning to sous vide, curing meats, preparing vegetables, and more. This is an exclusive opportunity to refine your skills in the kitchen behind one of Charleston’s top culinary duos. 


After staging, the couple will have ample time to return home to prepare for dinner. From there, they will enjoy all amenities offered with our Gold Experience with one addition. Following dinner at Honeysuckle Rose, the guests will be introduced to the dining room along with the rest of our culinary team and thanked for their contribution to the meal just shared!


*Each Gift Experience for Two is designed to be enjoyed by two guests and includes all food, wine, and service. Our staff politely declines gratuity.

The Onyx Experience

  • When purchasing a Gift Experience for Two, we will send a personalized card in the mail infoming the recipients of their gift with all the info they will need to book with us. Please use the comment box to type a personalized note, exactly as you'd like it written on the card. Make sure to double check names and info for proper spelling and grammar.


    The external envelope will be shipped using the customer name and shipping address provided at checkout. If you would like the card to be mailed directly to the recipients, please use the "Add a Note" option on the cart page to provide us with their names and shipping address. 

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